Team Chat

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Creating/Joining a channel

A channel in Ora is a single place for a team to share messages and files. Channels can be organized by team, Project, or whatever else is relevant to you. Channels can be private, public, or secret. Private channels are visible to your team members only, where secret channels are invite-only so that you can keep sensitive information safe and secure. 

Adding a discussion channel (Project tasks)

Discussion channels are a unique and powerful way to force the conversation to be connected to a specific context within a project. Each conversation has its own thread, which can be connected to a task, a project view, or a sprint. You can follow and unfollow threads, and they are neatly separated into two lists, "Following" and "All". What's even better is that tasks you are watching and have comments on them will already be inside your following list to help you get up to date on each one quickly. Latest comments are on top, and unread comments are indicated by a blue dot similar to what you might be used to in your email inbox.  

Starting a video call

Messaging is great, but sometimes you just need to talk to a person face to face or share your screen. You can start a meeting from any channel and quickly jump on a call by clicking on the camera or phone icon in the top right corner. 

Inviting a member to channel

If you are inviting a team member, the best way to invite them is from your "organization settings" "members" tab. Afterward, you will be able to add this person to a channel easily, and he/she would be able to browse and join all private organization channels. You can also invite a team member or a guest to a single channel. Generating an invite link and sharing will allow you to add multiple people simultaneously.