Creating a new organization

Create a new organization by clicking the "+" button on top of the left toolbar, and select 'Create Organization'

Once you choose " Create Organization" from the menu you can add your organization name, logo and members

Once your organization is created you are ready to create your first project! Please check Creating your first project

What is an Organization?

An organization in Ora is a way of grouping people and projects to make sharing and collaboration easy. It is also how you manage your team and billing for Ora Startup, Ora Professional, and Ora Enterprise. You can create as many organizations as you wish, but keep in mind that each organization in Ora is a separate entity and thus billed independently.

Note: When creating projects inside an organization they will be visible by your organization team. You can make secret projects that will be visible only to invited project members only. And of course, you can make public projects, that are going to be visible without any authentication.