Image, video and PDF annotations/comments

In Ora, you can add annotations/comments to any image, video, or PDF file.

New annotation/comment

How to add an annotation:

  • Open the file
  • Click on "Add feedback" on the top right
  • Click anywhere in the file preview
  • A new text box will appear
  • Enter a message and send it
  • That's it!

This will create a discussion and your team can send replies to the annotation.

Resolving annotation

Annotations have two states - open and closed. To close an annotation simply click on the checkbox

Annotations checklist

By default when creating an annotation the annotations checklist will appear in the Task Modal. Inside, you will see all annotations and some information about them. You can show/hide the completed annotations. By clicking on the annotation it will open the attachment & annotation.

Mentioning team members in an annotation

When you mention a team member in the annotation comment they will receive a notification. Opening the notification will prompt the task, file, and annotation to open. This is a very convenient way to communicate with your team about some design.