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Organize anything.

Effortlessly organize any project with Ora. Our platform allows you to easily bring your team together and streamline tasks with the use of cards. Choose from a variety of layouts, assign labels, and drag and drop cards for a clear and comprehensive view of what needs to be done. Collaborate and conquer with Ora, your ultimate team organization solution.

Planning5 cards
Design & Development2 cards
checkbox-iconMarket Research
Apr 15-20
checkbox-iconBrand Strategy
Apr 23-23
checkbox-iconCreative Concept
Apr 21-28
1h 32m
checkbox-iconResearch and analysis
checkbox-iconIdeation and brainstorming73
Apr 20-23
Bigger Trees
More Color
Research and analysis
Ideation and brainstorming
Apr 20-23
May 5-11
2 subtasks
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Lists / to-do

Collect it all.

Make lists with tasks. Your team will immediately see what needs to be done and what’s a priority. Label, assign, and add any links. Organize tasks instantly with Sorting, Grouping and Filtering.

Timeline / Resource allocation

Deliver on time, every-time.

Create a long-term plan or get a quick glimpse at what’s coming up. Plan anything from milestones, to sprints and long tasks. Draw dependancies between tasks to mark one task as blocking another.

Boards / Kanban

Focus and drive work forward

Keep moving work forward and make it super easy for your team to focus on the work at hand. Kanban boards allow you to make different lists for different stages of your projects and identify bottlenecks in your process.

Card view / detail

Add anything related, discuss details

Get an easy access to anything related to the task at hand. Clear anything with your team or clients by @mentiong them in the comments. Keep everyone updated by adding them as watchers. Anything you need to finish your task. External links, attachments, checklist items, annotations and proofreading.

Highly Customizable

Adaptive by design.

With great power comes great responsibility mess. Ora’s solution is balance. Adaptive and highly customizable projects.
Start simple, then choose from a dozen of Add-ONs and layouts that match your team or project need. Start from scratch or start from one of a dozen project templates.

Raw Power

Time tracking &

Natively Agile

Anything scrum or kanban
we have it build-in for you.

There is a template for that

Start your project from template. Make your own task and project templates.


Image, Video, PDF

Task relationships

Mark tasks as blocked or blocking or add them as a subtask.

Repeating tasks

If you have a task that will happen every couple of days or every month — any regular schedule, really use recurring tasks.

Close with commit

Close Ora tasks with git commit message and/or link commits to a task + other powerful git tools

Milestones, Labels, Custom fields

Add more context to your cards by labeling them, adding them to a milestone or any custom field you create.

Agenda Calendar

The daily planner for productive individuals

Being busy is not the same as being effective. Ora’s Agenda will help you organize your time, be more effective and focus on the tasks that are important. Besides being the best way to plan ahead Ora also shows you tracked time and completed tasks directly on the calendar.

Select projects and teammates to focus on. Quickly jump between your tasks and your team’s tasks. Block time on your calendar for a specific task and manage any calendar events directly from Agenda Calendar.

Icon mac

Calendar events

Manage calendars and events.

To be able to clear time for important tasks you need to be able to manage all your events. Select calendars, create and modify events. Add event/meeting notes.

Time boxing

Block time for tasks from any project.

Follow and complete your daily plan. Pull in unscheduled tasks from your Inbox, or drag and drop onto your daily calendar to schedule.

3d Grouping & sorting

Easily find your priorities.

Organize your tasks based on assignee, label, milestone, or any custom field of your choice. You can also group your tasks up to three times, allowing you to view them in a variety of ways and gain new insights into your work. Apply sorting and start from top to bottom.

Smart lists & Filters

Mental clarity and peace of mind.

Once you collect something in Ora, it’s no longer your job to constantly think about it, unless in your daily plan. Your to-do list is sorted into Inbox, My Day, Planned, Upcoming and other lists and custom filters. Ora divides it, you conquer it.

  • Kanban Calendar

    Unique way to see your calendar, choose between list, board and standard calendar layout. See days of the week as kanban columns.

  • Tracked & completed log for each day

    See any tracked or completed tasks right on the calendar. Even on the planner view.

  • Color-code cards

    Color code by project, list, task type, label or by a custom color for the task itself.


Being busy is not the same as being effective. Ora’s Agenda will help you organize your time, be more effective and focus on the tasks that are important. Besides being the best way to plan ahead Ora also shows you tracked time and completed tasks directly on the calendar.Select projects and teammates to focus on. Quickly jump between your tasks and your team’s tasks. Block time on your calendar for a specific task and manage any calendar events directly from Agenda Calendar.

task channels & @Mentions

Less chit-chat.
More doing.

Keep conversations organized and on topic by writing directly in the task at hand. Each task acts as its own chat channel, providing instant context and saving all related discussions for future reference. @mention teammates, clients, and stakeholders to grab their attention and get quick responses related to the work that needs to be done. With Ora, you'll spend less time chatting and more time getting things done


Give actionable
feedback faster.

Comment on top of PDF, Video and Image attachments to create actionable checklist items for the assignee of the task. No more guessing! Annotations help you tell exactly what you mean by pointing directly to a specific area at the attachment.

observer / public task creation

Empower anyone to contribute.

Allow your clients or users to create tasks and add attachments, as well as comment and vote, without the need for a sign-up. Select a specific list and allow for easy and seamless third-party task creation with Ora.

private lists, tasks, comments

Keep it confidential.

Maintain confidentiality by controlling what your guests see and keep certain information private and visible only to your internal team. Easily hide any list, task, or comment from clients or public visitors, ensuring that sensitive information remains secure. Keep your projects and conversations private with Ora's Custom Visibility feature.

  • Voice & Video messages

    Don’t feel like typing right now? Record audio and video messages.

  • Reactions, GIFs & Emojis

    Express Yourself. Sometimes a GIF can say more than you.

  • Online Presence

    See what your team is focusing on.

Less Email,
for you at least.

Say goodbye to cluttered inboxes and constant email notifications with Ora. Our platform allows you to keep your team updated and informed without the need for constant email correspondence.Say goodbye to the hassle of sending and receiving countless emails and let Ora handle the communication for you, so you can focus on what's important.

Watchers & Email replies

Keep everybody
in the loop.

Watch a task or add someone else as watcher to make them receiving app and email notifications. Email replies turn to Task Comments. Let your clients choose between email or app communication while you never have to open the Mail app.

task / comments from email

Convert any list or task
into mailbox.

Generate and share an email address for a list or task to start making tasks or comments from email. Forward important mail to create a task in a list, or just send the email address for a task for everything task related to be collected.

Task reporter updates

Send email updates to
task reporters.

If a task was created via email or you set a reporter manually, you can keep this reporter updated easily by choosing to send an email to her/him. Furthermore, you can also select automatic updates to be send when the task is completed or moved into another stage (list).

Team chat (beta)

Bring your
team together.

Create chat channels organized by topic or department, direct message anyone, jump on video calls, and add external collaborators securely. Mention any task or create a task from a conversation without ever leaving the chat channel. Ora's Team Chat makes it easy for your team to stay connected and productive.

Agile suite

done right.

Built-in epics, sprints, story points and reports.

Run sprints, a cycle or iteration of work separate from your backlog.
Estimate effort in story points, track velocity.
Know what type are your tasks, bug, feature or chore.
Break Epics (parent tasks) into subtasks.
Mark tasks as blocked and get notified when no longer blocked.
Track your velocity with a burn-down chart and reports

Don’t miss any details.

Assign and handoff work. Write a document inside the description (RTF / Markdown / Code highlight). Provide and track feedback as comments and image, pdf, and video annotations.
All the information you need with a single click! Cards contain everything you need to know, from the written task specification to the attachments, due date, milestone, labels and even custom fields, and so on.Conversation about the task with all of your team and even clients and external stakeholders is all there.

Task details image

& Automations.

Built-in automations and integrations. Connect to 2000+ services using Zapier.

Git - Diffs, Commits, and close task with commit
List Actions - the IFTTT for new or moved card
Slack project updates + create task
Integrate 5,000+ services with Ora via Zapier
2-way sync with Google Calendar
Link Zendesk Tickets
Public API

Save hundreds of dollars on apps. Switch to Ora!