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Plan and track progress

Create projects, tasks, assign them to your teammates. Create your own pipeline workflow and move work to the next phase (list). Track progress and if you want time spent on each task. All that in a list or kanban-like board view.

Wait, this looks familiar! How is this board different?

Great, so you don’t have to learn a brand new way of working. Here are a few improvements...


It’s also a list

You can switch between list and kanban board view of your project with more views coming in a future update.


Faster & versatile

Multiple selection of cards and right-click allows you to change things quicker


Pipeline workflow

Lists have types — Frozen, Open, In Review & Closed. That enables a range of features like reports, automatic filters, approving and rejecting work and so on...


List actions


Choose an action to be triggered when a card is moved to a specific list like assign it, label it, etc..

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My Tasks

My Tasks

Working on a dozen projects? Get all your tasks from different projects in one place. Schedule and plan by specific due date. The “My Tasks” view will show work assigned to you.

📥   Inbox with unscheduled work

📆   See work that is due

🚀   Choose active projects

🔮   Plan your week in a kanban-like board view

Highly customizable

Highly customizable

While your project is growing, you can turn different views and features ON and OFF to suit your project and team needs. So no matter if it’s a simple action plan or complex agile product development you are doing we’ve got covered. Move the slider to see some example combinations...

Todo list
Idea Board
Tasks & Billable Time Tracking
Issue Tracking
Agile Kanban
Engineering & QA
Scrum + Time Tracking
Feature Rich
Highly customizable

Keep track of all the details

All the information you need – served to you and your team in one beautiful detail view. With support for attachments, markdown, comments, @mentions, tracking time, checklists, due dates and lots of other handy things that you might need to keep everybody well informed.

Markdown support


Code highlighting

Code highlighting



Recurring tasks

Recurring tasks PRO

Task details view / Opened task
Highly customizable

Review work

Ready! But is it really done? Usually, a client, a quality assurance agent or the boss has to check if an item is really done and approve or reject it. We embedded this concept deep into Ora to enable a fluent workflow. It’s purely optional but if you enable it, work gets in review before it’s done. Ohh.. we also use this data to enable all kinds of cool statistics for you, like for example — time to complete.

Review and complete tasks
Task relationships

Task Relationships PRO

Epics, blocking tasks or just mark something as a duplicate. Relationships between tasks are important and here is how they will improve your process.

Blocked Tasks

Identifying blockers is the first step of removing them. Let’s say you have to do something but someone else's task blocks it. When you mark this task as blocked the following things happen:
The assignee of the blocking task will receive a notification, and hopefully, will prioritize this task.

“No longer blocked” notifications

You will receive a notification immediately after a task your teammates marked it as "complete" or "in review." Doing so completely eliminates the time for communication between teammates with related tasks who depend on one another.

Scrum epic tasks

Epic tasks

Some tasks are just too big. We call them epics! In agile methodology, you break epics into smaller chunks of work. Epics are a parent-child relationship. They have a custom color which makes them easily distinguishable from all the other tasks in your project.

Task management with Git integration

Git integration

Close and reference tasks from commits messages. See all changes for each task. Track time from a commit. Get live repository activity inside each Ora project. Works with both private and public repositories from GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket!

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Time and task reports

Stay on top of your projects

with member, project and organization reports

Marking tasks as complete isn’t enough. Reports allow you to see in detail how your team or project is performing. See how many new tasks were created vs how many tasks were closed. See exactly how much time was spent on a project or task. And even download it as CSV

All this for just


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Ora Next

Together, we are building the future of productivity services.
Checkout all the things that are coming soon.

Active Sync

Sync third-party services with Ora. No matter who is using what, you can still use Ora. A task completed in Ora is automatically going to be completed in the tool you have synced and vice versa.


Team Allocation & Project Plan Views

See who is busy and who can take new work. Manage your team and your project timelines more efficiently.


Team Chat

Discuss, send files, take action!

Ora Chat is deeply integrated fused with your projects. You can create tasks right from the chat where ideas are discussed.

And the best thing is you don’t have to set anything up. All organization members will be added to the projects that they are a part of automatically. You can make organization-wide and private channels as well.

Our Roadmap

Check out our product roadmap to see what more we are working on.

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