Task Relationships and Subtasks

Some times you will require tasks in your project to be related to one another, and in Ora, you have the Task Relationship feature which will allow you to connect and relate tasks inside your projects. 

The Task Relationship feature is a ⭐️ Pro Feature and is not available for Ora Basic plan.

Creating Task Relationships 

To help you to visualize the connections between the tasks, we created 6 different relations which can be separated into 3 groups:

  • Blocked & Blocking 
  • Parent & Child (For epics and subtasks)
  • Related & Duplicate

To create a new relationship open a task and click on  the 'Add Task Relationship' icon

A modal will show and will allow you to choose the relation type, and to search for the desired task.

One relation affects two tasks. So if you mark a task as blocked by another task, the other task will be marked as blocking the first one. 

Once you create some relationships they will be listed right after the task description in the task modal. Right-click on the modal to display an options menu for the task. You will have the option to break relationships by clicking the Unlink icon or to Set a Deadline, Label, Move to, Copy link or Archive the task directly here in this menu. 

Blocking and blocked tasks

Let's say you have to complete a task, but the completion of your task is not possible if another task is not completed first. Ora allows you to mark those two tasks easily and it leaves visual cues and notifies the user which has the blocking task so that he could take measures and complete his task, so you can complete yours. 

You can spot a blocked task or blocking task easily in your project

If the blocking task is marked as complete, the blocked task is unblocked and the assignee will receive a notification, so he can complete his task now without impediments. 


Epic Subtasks 

When you mark a task as Epic the 'Break this Epic into subtasks' option will appear. Also, since epics are special tasks you will be able to choose the color for that epic.

Subtasks for other types of tasks

To enable the subtasks option for other types of tasks, you need to create a parent-child relationship and link at least 1 subtasks first. Once you do, you will be able to add as many subtasks as you want.

Pay attention to the fact that when you create a subtask, you are creating a new regular task and will be visible as such in your project. They are just normal tasks that are linked to a parent task. If you don't want to have the subtasks visible within your projects, and you want to view them only inside the parent task, you can switch off the 'Subtasks' button inside your project

...Or create checklists instead. Ora allows you to create multiple checklists with checklist items for each task.

Task Relationships 2.0

Now you can see the view and list of each subtask

You have the ability to switch relations simply by dragging 

See total time tracked, estimated and story points of the related tasks

New option to hide completed subtasks

You can right-click quick actions menu for related tasks

Improved Add Task Relationship modal