Recurring tasks / Repeat task

Scheduling a task to repeat is easy and useful if you have work that repeats each month/day of the week or another period of time. 

To use Repeat Task you need to have either personal or organizational paid subscription because it is a ⭐️ Pro feature.

How to schedule task repeating

To start repeating a task, all you need to do is to go inside a task and click on the Repeat Task icon shown in the image below.

A popover will show with all the settings you can change. You can choose between weekly, monthly and yearly repeating.

You can pick days of the week, an hour, list and position for the repeating and even if you want a due date to be added to the newly created card. After you set all the repeat instructions, click on 'Save"

There are a few ways to know which cards are repeating. The icon inside a task will turn blue. The same icon will be visible on the task in list and board views.

How to stop a task from repeating

A task will repeat even if the original task is completed or archived. To stop it from repeating you need to delete it from archived tasks or to go inside the original task, open task repeat popover and click on Stop

Some times, you will not be sure where is the original task located in order to stop the repeat function, but don't worry! If you cannot find the original task, you just need to go to any of the repeated tasks and search for the link to the original task, displayed in the task history area. Click on the link, go to the original task and stop the repeat function.