Git integration (GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket)

Ora + Git integration connects to all major git repository services to allow you to:

- Link tasks to commits

- Close tasks with commit messages

- Connect multiple repositories inside 1 project

- Get live updates when there is a new commit pushed to your repository

- See details about changed files in each commit

- See diff of the changes in each commit


1. From the Projects list or inside a project open Project Settings > Integrations

2. Scroll down and click "connect" on the vendor you want to integrate. In this case GitHub

3. Authenticate with your GitHub, Bitbucket, Gtilab account. 

4. Choose a repository. That's it! You are done :) You can link as many repositories as you want.

Using the Git integration

Now that your project is integrated you will find all new commits where your project activity is.

 1. Click on any of the commits to see more details like changes and linked tasks. Tasks could be linked to a commit from referencing the task id "#23" from the commit message or you can link a task manually from inside a task as well.

2. Click on a file to see a diff

3. Inside the task, you will see all related commits

4. Click on link commit to link a specific commit to this task

Closing tasks and adding time from commit messages

The following keywords are parsed and will close (move right) a referenced task. You need to add the correct id with # in front of it. 

close closes closed fix fixes fixed resolve resolves resolved done

Example: close #23

Adding time from commit:

+1h25m - 'h' is for hours 'm' is for minutes

Fixes #141 - Project settings +45m

Do some work on slack integration #233 +1h

Add 1h30m to #223 - Github integration

Work on some bugs +23m to resolve #234


1. Commits are not getting linked to tasks

Number 1 reason for issues with all git integrations is committing from accounts who are unknown to Ora. This happens when you are committing with a different email than the one you are using in Ora. 

To fix that simply go to and add the additional emails you are using. 

For GitHub users, there is an option "Keep my email private" which starts using an alias email which is going to be written there. Either add the alias to Ora emails or disable this feature. 

2. I linked my git account and repo but the Commits in the sidebar is empty. 

You can search for all commits from inside a task but only new commits will show in the sidebar. Ora uses a webhook to show new commits and it is only possible to do that after you link a repo.