Creating a new task: tips, tricks and secrets

In Ora you can create a task practically everywhere. No matter if you are inside a project, inside a task, in the Agenda or in the Timeline, you can just create a task and not even botter to open the project to place the task inside.

Where can I create a task?

So where exactly can you create a task in Ora?

In a list inside a project

Globally with the task modal

It doesn't' matter where in Ora you are, in which project or view, if you need to create a task you just need to press the letter 'N' on your keyboard and the task modal will appear

If you have the task relationship option active and have some parent-child or subtask relationship created, you can go ahead and create subtasks directly inside the parent task. 

Note: Task relationships is a ⭐️Pro Feature

In the Agenda

In the Timeline

Tricks and Secrets 

When you create a new task, the last thing you want to do is to lose time. This is why we made things as simple and fast as possible when creating a new task, and came up with some tricks and secrets we want to share with you.

Fast Dates

While creating a task you can add a deadline and schedule directly without losing a second in the process.

To add a deadline to the task just type word "due" followed by the date or the day of the week in the name of the task 

To add a schedule to the task type the words 'from' (day or date) followed by 'till' (day or date)

Fast assignment

To quickly assign a task to a member while creating the task type the '@' symbol and a list with the project members will be displayed for you to choose

Fast Labels

To quickly add a label while creating a task, use the open bracket symbol ' [ ' and a list with the available labels will be displayed for you to choose.


Markdown is supported. To open Markdown just click on the icon

Multiple tasks at once

You can create multiple tasks at once if you have different lines in the title one above the other, copied from a large text or a list. Each line will create an independent task when you click on Add.  You can have the same functionality by using the ' Shift' + 'Enter' keys while typing multiple lines text, to separate the lines.

Quickly expand and add a description

To quickly add a description to the new task just click on the ' Tab' key and type the description.