Link git commits to Ora cards

Linking commits to Ora cards is very easy. There are two ways you can achieve that.

  • Open your card
  • If you connected your project to any of our git integrations you'll see "Commits" on your card. If you don't know how to connect your project to our Git Integrations follow this link
  • Link commits from the commit message:
  • Click on "Link Commit" and select the commit you want to link to the card
  • First, you need to enable "Visible Task IDs" Add-on. This is necessary because we'll use the task IDs to link them to a commit
  • Then copy the card ID you want to link to the commit in the commit message
  • Your commit should now be linked to the task  

Closing tasks and adding time from commit messages

The following keywords are parsed and will close (move right) a referenced task. You need to add the correct id with # in front of it. 

close closes closed fix fixes fixed resolve resolves resolved done

Example: close #23

Adding time from commit:

+1h25m -  'h' is for hours 'm' is for minutes

Fixes #141 - Project settings +45m

Do some work on slack integration #233 +1h

Add 1h30m to #223 - Github integration

Work on some bugs +23m to resolve #234