Moving from GitHub Issues

Moving your project from GitHub Issues to Ora is a great way to boost your team's productivity and enrich the management of your project while improving project visibility and progress tracking. Best of all most GitHub features are existing in Ora and your team will have a familiar and smooth experience moving to another system. 

Here is how to do it

1. Click on the "+" button and choose Import Project

2. Choose Import from GitHub and authenticate

3. Select your project and the organization you wish to import your project to (leave to personal for personal projects)

4. Next step, is to match each member to existing Ora user or to match to an email which is also going to send an invite to that user.

And you are done! Assignees, labels, milestones, comments it's all now in Ora.

The next step would be to move from the traditional 2 GitHub lists (Open and Closed) a better workflow.

One suggestion would be to have lists "Backlog" and "Review" added (so that you have Backlog, Open, Review, Closed) You can also start using time tracking and task types or any of the other wonderful Ora features that GitHub doesn't have.