Duplicate project/ Duplicate task/Duplicate list

Duplicating a Project

Open Project Settings menu from inside a project and click on "Duplicate project"

Choose a name for your project and an organization (or set it as personal) and click on 'Duplicate'

This will open the freshly duplicated project. The duplicated project is going to have all the tasks and checklists from the original project, but the members will have to be added to the duplicated new project manually. Also, note that the checklist items in the duplicated project are going to be in an unchecked state.

Duplicating a Task

You can duplicate a task from inside the task clicking on the 3 dots "..." on the right top of the task and then selecting "Duplicate"

Or directly from the list, without opening the task by right-clicking on the task and selecting "Duplicate To"

Note: The duplicated task will have the description, attachments, checklists, assignees, the labels and due dates from the original task, but will not have the subtasks, the schedules, the tracked time nor the watchers from the original task.\

Duplicating a list

You can duplicate a list by logging to Ora from a browser and clicking on the 3 dots "..." to display the List options on the right top of the list, and then selecting "Duplicate list"