A channel in Ora is a single place for a team to share messages and files. Channels can be organized by team, Project, or whatever else is relevant to you. Channels can be private, public, or secret. Private channels are visible to your team members only, where secret channels are invite-only so that you can keep sensitive information safe and secure. 

Creating a channel

  1. Navigate to the chat and click on the "+" next to the channels
  2. Select channel picture or upload your own and name the channel
  3. Select channel visibility 
    1.  Organization - visible to all members of your organization
    2. Everyone - anyone that has access to the link can view and join your channel
    3. Invited Only - hidden from all people, even your organization members. Visible only to those who are invited in the channel
  4. Description (optional) - describe what your channel is about. When organization members are viewing the channels they will be able to see the description.
  5. Invite the team members you need on this channel.

Editing a channel

You can edit all of the channel details from the steps above.

  • Click on the dropdown on the top left, edit the channel and save the changes