Custom Fields

Add additional data to cards in your projects. You can create a field for stage, priority, cost, or anything else that’s important to your workflow, team, and company. Possible fields are formatted numbers, multiple-choice, date, short text, members, and a checkbox.

Creating custom fields

By default, the custom fields addon is enabled for all projects. Let's start by creating a custom field and explaining the options you have, then we'll go through all the different types of fields

  1. Navigate to your Project Settings > Custom Fields
  2. Click on New Custom Field

All fields support these 6 properties

  • Name - this name is visible in the tasks/cards
  • Description - help your teammates use the field correctly by describing it
  • Visible to - control who sees the custom field. Member (Only members of the project) - Observers (Only observers of the project & members) - Everyone(If your project is public everyone with the link will be able able to see the field)
  • Editable by - control who is able to edit the field, Admins or Admins and project members
  • Show field on card - enabling this option allows you to see the field on the kanban board/list view if a value is given to the field
  • Make available to all projects(of the Organization) - [DOES NOT SHOW ON PERSONAL PROJECTS] enabling this option makes the field public so you can easily add it to other projects of your Organization

The actual fields:

Make a dropdown field with custom predefined choices. The number of options is unlimited and you can give custom color to each option. Only one option can be chosen in each task


You can use the stock formatting which allows you to have values like $, %, and others. You can also choose an unformatted number, or select a custom label. Select how many decimals are allowed to suit your needs.


This field allows you to gather information like address, email and etc. Choose from a single line or multi-line text.


Specify the start, end date, publication date, and etc.


Divide tasks by groups, for example, frontend, backend, design, who needs to write an article and etc.


The checkbox field allows you to have additional conditions like requires an invoice, published, contacted and etc.

Create a custom field from the shared fields

This is pretty simple. Just start creating a field and click on "Choose from shared"

Reorder the custom fields

Drag & Drop the fields to reorder them. The order you see them in the settings will be the same in the task/kanban board

Using the custom fields

After you set up the desired fields it's time to use them. Go back to the project, create a task, and fill in the desired fields.

Updating and deleting custom fields

  1. Go back to the Custom Fields in the Project Settings.
  2. Click on edit to change the field properties like Name, description, and visibility options. NOTE: You can't change the type of an already created field, for example, you can't convert a dropdown field to a number field
  3. Click Delete to delete a custom field. NOTE: If you have used this field in tasks, the value will disappear.