For us, not about features,
it’s about enabling you to be more productive!
Using Ora is like switching ON your team productivity.

As people who get things done, we like our tools to be simple and minimalistic and thus allowing us to focus on the things that matter. But we also like our tools to be powerful and customizable. With Ora, you start simple and then you can turn on whatever features you need.

List view

A list is a collection of cards/tasks. You can have as many lists as you like in a project. Some examples are a to-do list, a shopping list, or just a list of bugs.

Ora task management list view

Table view

A grid or table view allows you to view a project as a spreadsheet. This is useful for focusing on key attributes as well as fast entering data in different rows and working with custom fields

Ora task management table view

Kanban board

A Kanban is a list of lists with cards inside that you can drag and drop by yourself or with your team. Best way to be agile.

Ora task management kanban like board view

Card Details

All the information you need – served to you and your team in one beautiful detail view. With support for attachments, markdown, comments, @mentions, tracking time, checklists, due dates and lots of other handy things that you might need to keep everybody well informed.



Break tasks in smaller subtasks by creating checklists inside your card



Get anyone's attention by mentioning him in a comment inside the card


Track time

Track time on tasks or log it manually



Attach any image or document to a card simply by dragging it inside


Due dates

Set due dates and never miss a deadline


Assign & collaborate

Share projects and assign your teammates to a card



Get notified at the moment important things happen



Discuss everything with everyone inside a card



It’s good practice to have some goals for your project. Organize tasks into milestones



Add more context to your cards and todos


Task relationships PRO

Identify stoppers and blocking tasks


Issue auto-close

Close or reference issues from commits



Close or reference issues from commits


Task Repeat PRO

Set a task as recurring in the desired time period


Code highlighting

Add beautiful code snippets in your description

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Agenda view

Working on a dozen projects? Get all your tasks from different projects in one place. Schedule and plan by due date. Previously called “My Tasks” the Agenda will show work assigned to you or your teammates

Inbox is where all tasks without a due date will go. Schedule them and let's get some work done!


Time Tracking & Estimates

Estimate each task, then start a timer or log time manually

Tracking time in Ora is excellent, but it's more than that. You are showing your entire team what you are currently doing. And roughly when are you going to be done with it. You are also recording the time needed on such a task for future reference.

Tracked time and all project activity is recorded. Everybody can see what’s going on in real time. Time is also going to show in Slack if you enable the integration. This transparency minimizes unnecessary meetings and conversations.

You can manage all time entries, add time manually or download a CSV of all timers inside the task.

Beautiful reports about all tracked time for a member, project or the entire organization could be found and downloaded in the reports section.

Track time as easy as playing music on Spotify.



A goal or a version. It is a collection of tasks that you can track, filter and close. You can even get release notes for it once it’s ready.

Add observers to kanban board or list

Observers PRO / Public Projects

Create a public roadmap to show to your users or invite clients to your projects as observers. Ora is great for collaboration. Non-team members could preview, vote and comment on tasks in your project. It looks just like our roadmap.

Ora Roadmap

Advanced Git Integration

Link your repositories to your Ora project and get live updates, close and reference tasks from commit messages. Track time from a commit. See diffs and more...

All your commits will show inside your project. You will be able to see which task is this commit addressing and also what the changes are.

By clicking on any commit in Ora, no matter if it's in the activity or inside the task you will be able to see details about the changes. Added, removed, modified files and even a diff.

All task referencing commits are shown on the card and inside it.

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Hide tasks from client or observer

Advanced Privacy PRO

Enable advanced privacy, and you can hide tasks, lists, and comments from public and observer members. You can have a team-only discussion inside a task and reply to your client at the same time. All you need to do is set who sees it.

Built for productivity

Optimized for productivity

Ora is fast and powerful. We are spending a lot of time researching ways to enable you to do the most common tasks faster, with fewer clicks and even automatically.

Multiple selection

Shift + click to select multiple cards and make changes to them.

Context menu

Right-click to access the most common actions without opening a card

List actions PRO

Enable automatic actions to be performed when a task is moved to a specific list


These are the tasks you are looking for... Filter tasks by id, title, label, milestone, type, etc...

Move / Duplicate Card

Move a card from one project to another or duplicate it. Great way to split big projects!

Close with commit

Reference tasks from Git and close them with a commit message

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Connect with Slack

Slack ora integration

"Ora allows you to stay on top of the progress of any project by sending updates to Slack channels when activity occurs on Ora tasks and projects.

Stay on top of your project

Member, project and organization reports

Marking tasks as complete isn’t enough. See in detail how your team or project is performing. See how many new tasks were created vs how many tasks were closed. See exactly how much time was spent on a project or task.

Stack by Assignees
Stack by Assignees
Stack by Tasks
Stack by Task Type
Stack by Label

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