Account Settings

Inside your Ora account, you have the Account Settings section which we will explore now as it's important that you know exactly what is there and how to use each one of the settings

Account Settings

To access the Account Settings section you need to click on your avatar and select the option from the menu.

Once there, you will see the Account Settings menu on the left sidebar, which will be divided into two sections: Organization level settings and Personal level settings

1. Organization Settings

The organization settings are settings that cover the entire organization or organizations and the members inside each and have Preferences, Members, Templates and Billing sections (*The Billing is only available for the browser version)

Preferences: Here you will be able to select or change the name and logo of the organization, add or change the description and change the organization email address. Here you will also set the Visibility of the organization, set the organization Members Rights, Create an App and Delete the organization

Members: here you will add all the members of your organization and choose their permits. Here you can also remove members of the organization or from the organization and projects. Keep in mind that here you need to add all the members which you will want to participate in all the projects of this organization

Templates: Here you will find the saved project templates and will be able to edit or delete them

billing:-here-you-will-find-the-billing-details-for-the-ora-account.-the-current-plan,-from-where-you-can-cancel-your-subscription,-the-payment-methods,-the-legal-company-information-and-the-transaction-history-section-from-where-you-will-be-able-to-visualize-and-download-the-invoices. ">Billing: Here you will find the billing details for the Ora account. The current plan, from where you can cancel your subscription, the payment methods, the legal company information and the transaction history section from where you will be able to visualize and download the invoices. 

2. Personal settings

The personal settings section dictates the settings for you only and do not affect other members or organizations than yourself and have Profile, Email Aliases, Password, Notifications, Appearance, Preferences, Templates, and Personal Billing sections (*The Personal Billing is only available for the browser version)

Profile: Here you can change or add your name, user name, profile picture, job title, etc. 

Email aliases: Here you can add or change the primary email address for your Ora account and also delete email addresses.

Password: Here you can change your account's password  

Notifications: Here you can set how and when do you want to receive notifications

Appearance: Here you can change the appearance of Ora for you. You can choose the Themes where you have a variety of options including the Night Mode, you can choose the Layout, the Secondary elements and details color and even the Kanban column width

Preferences: Here you can sync your account with Google Calendar, choose the Display settings, select your Hotkeys, Export your account data or Delete your Account.

Templates: Here you will find the saved PERSONAL project templates and will be able to edit or delete them

Personal Billing: Here you will find the billing details for your Personal Ora account. The Current plan, from where you can cancel your subscription or upgrade, the Payment Method and the Promo Discount area