How to create a public Roadmap with Ora

A Public Roadmap is recommended for more effective communication between a product and its users. Public Roadmaps exist to be one of the most transparent ways to communicate and keep your customers up to date on the new features or improvements of your products.

Here is Ora's Public Roadmap for example

How to create a Public Roadmap with Ora

With Ora, creating a public Roadmap is very easy, you just need to create a new project ( we recommend the Simple Board template) 

...then make this project visible to everyone. To do so go to Project Settings>Preferences and set the Visibility to Public

Next, you need to set the permissions for this project. Here you need to decide who will be able to comment on your tasks, who will be able to see the commits, who will be able to invite new people to this project and if you will allow the public observers to add tasks to this project

Sometimes you will need to hide some lists or tasks from the project to the public and make them visible only to your internal team. For these situations, you will need to enable the Task, time and comment privacy option inside your Project Settings> Add ON's and decide if you will allow public observers to see the tracked time or previous comments

After you have enabled the Task, time and comment privacy, you will have the option to chose the visibility for each list and also for each individual task inside the project

After you change all the settings, you are ready to copy the link of the project and embed it on your website so all your clients will be able to see it. To do so go to your Project Settings>Preferences and click on Copy in Embed project on your site

That's it! Easy!