Mobile apps and Ora 3 Official release

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February 06, 2021
Just 2 weeks after announcing Ora 3 we are releasing it. I love it when good things happen so frequently and I have to write a blog post about it.


  • Mobile apps, finally! Grab Ora for iOS and Android right now.
  • Ora 3 officially released 🎉
  • Ora 2 will be available at if you miss it or have an issue
  • Ora Chat is still in beta, but will now be available from as well

Ora Mobile apps

Mobile apps

Grab Ora for iOS and Android

  • Complete tasks on the go - track your tasks and complete them, anywhere and anytime
  • Minimize your mental load - create tasks from your phone and come back to them later when you have the time
  • Stay informed - with the mobile notifications you'll never miss anything important within your projects
The next step for our mobile apps is chat. We are very excited about Ora 3 and the chat. We've started developing chat for our mobile apps and you can look forward to that in the near future.

Ora 3

We've covered Ora 3 in our previous post in which we announce the beta so go read it if you haven't already. Here is a very short list of what's new:

  • Faster loading times
  • Faster response times
  • Better user onboarding and tutorials
  • Annotation on images, pdf, and video
  • New project filters and project sidebar
  • Rich, intuitive text-editor for the task description
  • Better task details with the ability to minimize and open the right

And this video you've probably watched it already?

Ora Chat (Beta)

Ora Chat is a fully functional team chat within your favorite project management system. We are getting close to an official release but some rough edges still needs polishing. That shouldn't stop you from using it, making feature requests and bug reports. We'll keep you in the loop about further development around the Chat.

What do you think about Ora 3, Ora Chat and Ora Mobile?

Tell us in the comments below!