Timeline, Milestone improvements and a big surprise!

3 min read
May 27, 2021
We've been quiet in the past month, and this is because we have been working hard on stabilizing Ora, improving the Timeline & Milestones. We hope you are as excited as we are! There is also a surprise at the end of the post.

Timeline - time allocation, milestone view and task dependencies

We are working on Timeline 2.0. So far we have made a lot of improvements! If you want to see new features in the Timeline or you have some other suggestions we'd love to hear them!

Here are all the new features:

  • Time allocation - each schedule has a property "hours a day." We are using this value to calculate the availability of each team member. The default number of hours is seven, and we plan to make it customizable.
  • Milestone view - Milestones and sprints are now visible in the Timeline - use them to outline your schedule. The schedules of each milestone task will appear under them in the Timeline.
  • Tasks dependencies - move related tasks schedule if there is conflict.
  • Deadlines are now visible in the Timeline.

Milestone Modal and other improvements

Milestones are one of the core projects features Ora has to offer. They allow you to consolidate your tasks towards a goal. Here is how we improved the Milestones to help you be more focused and productive!

  • Milestone Modal - you can now open Milestones just like tasks. We have removed the "Edit Milestone" modal and replaced it with the Modal. Minimize your Milestones and bring them anywhere in Ora with you.
  • Milestones Sidebar - milestones are now more accessible than ever. We've added them to the Project Sidebar, from where you can open & edit them for your convenience.
  • Milestones in the Timeline - visually plan your project's milestones. We have added start date to the milestones, and they are now visible in the Timeline.
  • Link task to milestone - while creating a task type "!" in the title and link it to the selected milestone.

Sprint Modal

Everything that we have done for the Milestones also applies to the Sprints. They're visible in the timeline and you can open them from there.

🎁 🎉 The promised surprise - Translations!

Translations are now in beta and are accessible in these languages:

  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Russian
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Bulgarian

All the translations are done by a machine learning AI. We believe the best way to translate Ora is by someone who has been using it. All our users can help us fully translate Ora into their native languages. We are grateful to anyone who decides to review the translations.

Other Improvements

  • Added task-relationships support for multiple select
  • Added task contributors - a break down of the tracked time for each member
  • A lot of video call improvements
  • Greatly reduced the amount of notifications editing task description produces
  • Added custom fields to Project CSV export
  • Added an option to change the send message shortcut. Access it in the Account Settings > Preferences
  • When you move a task/card to another project the comments are now moved as well
  • Observers are now able to see the Image/Video/PDF annotations