Ora 2: Released

March 7, 2019

Two years have passed since we launched! So it's time for something hot and new. I'm talking about Ora 2 of course! By now most of you probably have tried Ora 2 Beta. We just launched Ora 2 for everyone with fixes and new things. Some of which were not even in the beta. Join me for a preview of Ora 2!

I am assuming you have read the introduction to Ora 2 and you know all about the new Design, Folders, Projects Sidebar, Dark Theme, Checklists 2.0 if not go and read my previous post to learn all about those features.

🙏 Big should-out to everyone who participated in the beta and sent us feedback, you guys are the best! We listened, and we fixed a lot of bugs, added some improvements and now we can all enjoy the results together!

Dark Ora

All new "Agenda" section

Previously "My Tasks", now with Calendar and your Team's tasks

We completely rewrote the My Tasks section! In the old view, you were able to see only open tasks assigned to you, and now, you can choose what to see. We added the ability to choose your team's tasks as well as unassigned tasks. Also now you can see all task states if you want. Furthermore, you can save your filters for quick access to specific configurations.

Old Ora

Since it's not just your tasks in there, a rename was necessary. Until yesterday it was called Tasks, but we decided it's too vague so now this section is known as "Agenda." Have a better idea? Write it in the comments below :) We would love to find the perfect name for that amazing section.

Group by Assignee

Now that you can see your team's task it would be great if you can group by assignee and you can! A great new way to see what everyone has on its plate during the week, group by assignee is available in almost all Agenda views.

Old Ora


A great way to see all tasks from different projects and their due date. You can drag and drop as well to reschedule. There is an option to toggle inbox on/off as well as weekends. If you don't have tasks on weekends why see them, right?That extra space is great to see your tasks more clearly.

Old Ora

Customizable Cards

The new agenda view provides you with a lot of views in both Kanban and List style. You can also choose how the cards look. Turn ON what matters to you and don't let the other info distract you while you are working on your tasks.

Old Ora

New Inline Add Task + (Public and observer tasks)

You can now specify task type, add description, labels, assignees and attachments while creating task without any effort! Also, in the project settings > advanced menu you can now specify a list in witch your observers/public visitors will be able to create tasks.

New task performance

Improved Performance and partial Offline Mode

Smooth performance is a continuous effort, and we have some significant improvements to report. The New Agenda view and the projects now load almost instantaneous. That's because we store data locally. Thanks to that performance improvement there is now partial offline mode. If you don't have internet and you have already loaded your projects and tasks, you will be able to navigate Ora, open projects, open tasks. I am saying partial because this is far from an offline-first application and we still need to do some other things to enable true Offline Mode.

Time labels & Notes

In case tracking time on tasks is not enough you can now add notes and labels to each timer.

Timeline Ora

Asana Import

One more import joins the family, this time it's Asana. Move your projects now to try it out.

Timeline Ora

Other improvements

  • Open tasks from notifications, active timer, and reports without leaving your current view
  • Native windows notifications
  • Checklist items now support due date, assignee and timers
  • Both Views and Lists can now be deleted from settings > views

What’s next

We wanted to ship Timelines together with this release, but we did not want to prolong it anymore. The new timeline view is going to follow next month. So stay tuned and stay productive! 🖖

Timeline Ora

Ora 1

If this change is too sudden for you or you encounter a massive bug that we don't know about. We will support version 1 for a few months. — v1.ora.pm