June update: Fast tasks, labels and assignees

June 8, 2017

Each month we highlight new features, improvements and bug fixes — this is our June update, the weather is getting hotter and so is Ora! Big thanks to everyone who gave us feedback! We love you!❤️

New Features

Quick task modal – Quickly add task in any project from everywhere! What's so quick about it, you wonder? Well, it is fully keyboard supported, it can open a task after you create it and it could continue creating tasks. You can type @ to assign [] to add label and natural language dates to add due dates. Just hit N or Alt+N if you have selected input and start typing. Pick a project, list, task type...

Shortcuts include: Alt to change type, ⌘P to change project ⌘L to change list, tab to add description ⌘R to turn on repeat, ⌘O to turn on opening a task after it is created.

New task modal

Natural language due dates –Here are some phrases you could try:

"Meeting tomorrow at 11am @everyone"
"Website redesign @clara [css] [html]"
"Christmas party dec 24"
"Finalize A/B testing next friday"
"Blog post in 3 weeks"

Natural language due datesBlazing fast assignment and labeling – while you are creating a task just type @ or [ to pick a label or assignee. All of this works in the new task modal as well as in list or kanban.

New task modal

Filter projects – Quickly filter and open a project. Use O key or ⌘O to open the project picker. You can navigate with your keyboard and hit enter to open a project.

Open project

Closed lists – Now items in your closed lists will look completed.

Done tasks look done now

Hide covers in kanban view – A new project setting was added allowing you to hide the task covers in kanban view.

Task on top/on bottom – A new project setting was added allowing you to choose where new and moved tasks go, on top or on the bottom.

Help Center – Need help with something? You can look in the help center and msg us if you don't find an answer.Visit the help center

PayPal Support – We now accept PayPal as well.

Other Improvements

  • Convert checklist item to card
  • Create multiple checklist items at once from pasted text with new lines
  • Improved "Jump to task" - you can now see the task id and list.
  • ESC problems inside task fixed
  • UI - some cool new icons were added in the menus
  • Minor other bug fixes and improvements