January Update: Slack commands + stability

January 26, 2018

Each month we highlight new features, improvements and bug fixes...

🖖 Community

Join us on Spectrum, it's something between a forum and a slack channel. We plan to write about all sorts of things that are in development and also we will answer any questions. Also a cool way to meet other die-hard Ora users like yourself.

Slack Upgrade

🌟Slack commands — We added some useful commands so that you can add, close, track and list tasks in slack.

Slack commands

/ora add [name of task] - try adding and assigning directly by typing ora add followed by the name of the task and then an optional assignee

Something else that is useful is to just type /ora which will list all your open tasks in this project with their ids and due date. Note that frozen, review and closed tasks will not show. A neat trick is to set backlogs and other lists full of things to do that are not scheduled yet to frozen and thus not see them in my tasks and also here in slack.

Slack commands

New Features

🌟Assign task creator (list action) — New list action to assign the creator of the task.


Add total time to csv export in reports

Change repository color — git repositories could now have a custom color of your choosing

Show git branch/repo when linking commits

Better search — in filters and jump to task

No rounding in the main bar chart in reports

Today option in reports

🥊Bye bye recaptcha — we moved to an alternative server-based defense

Notification when someone joins after invitation

Bug fixes

Fixed Description does not save when deselected (click outside)

Fixed links in ora task comments are broken in slack integration

Fixed You cannot invite observers by email

Fixed Slack bugs when you use < and > in the task title

Fixed Can't scroll on android my tasks

Fixed Cant select comment without editing it

Fixed Missing tracked time in some reports

Fixed Wrong task time in some cases

Fixed Autofocus feedback form

Is that it?

Yes, its a smaller update than usual. There is a good reason for that. We've been busy with the desktop app which we plan to release soon... Also, there is another smaller helper app that we've been working on and we will announce soon :)