Introducing Filters

October 18, 2017

Each month we highlight new features, improvements and bug fixes... but this time it was just one week!

New Features

Task/Card Filters – We bring you the ability to filter your tasks/cards by name, milestone, label, assignee, status and task type.

filter tasks in ora

We used GitHub flavored syntax for our filters. You type the type of filter, then ":" followed by the value. For example: "assignee:username". Other properties you can filter by are label: milestone: type: and status:

You can combine filters as well.

To make things easier for you we made it so you can use special characters and autocomplete to add filters. For example "@" will show you, assignees. "[" will show you project labels. "!" will show you milestones. "?" will show you task types."$" will show you states like open, closed, review or frozen.

filters autocomplete

Go ahead and try it!

Repeat Task Due Date – Now it is possible to set a due date to a recurring task. Just choose how many days after the task is repeated you wish to pass before the due date. PMs! For things that are due yesterday you can use -1 😂

Other Improvements

-Some bug fixes

-Previous month reports

That's all for now. Do you have a great idea about something else related to filters? Send us a msg!

And as always, stay productive!