December Update: Custom Fields

3 min read
December 01, 2020
We've been quiet for too long, and you are probably wondering where are the frequent updates we once were shipping. To break this pattern, we have added an exciting new Add-on to Ora. Custom fields are a way to give your tasks more personalization. Fill your cards with predefined fields and set them up quickly. And we are confirming the rumors about Ora 3. We've been busy building Ora 3 for the last nine months, and we are very near releasing it. More about that at the bottom.

Custom fields

Custom drop down is a powerful addition to Ora's card. Load it up with predefined choices. The choices are fully customizable, unlimited number, and you can give custom RGB color to each option to make it yours.


The number field can be useful in many situations. Choose from the predefined prefixes such as currency, percent, custom prefix, or unformatted. Add money field or any other value to your cards.


Add additional context to your cards using the text field. This can be useful for gathering customer information. Make the text multiline or one-line.


Planning an event or scheduling a social media post? Use the date field to set the start and end date for the event.


Need to add additional details about the roles for a particular task? Who reviewed the task, who is to do the frontend, design - the member field allows you to do that.


Is the article released? Item delivered? Use the checkbox to cover that information.

Using the custom fields

We're presenting you with a few examples of how you and your team may benefit from the powerful custom fields. The rest is up to your needs and imagination.

Blog scheduling and release project

Are you managing a blog? Use the custom fields to write down all the necessary details. Who has written the article, who reviewed it, submission date, and release date? With custom fields, we've got you covered!

CRM project

In today's advancing technological world, it's important to gather information about your customers. Custom fields allow you to do exactly that. Make a field for their email, company name & role, etc.

Item tracking & delivery project

Gather all the needed information to handle the process of delivery, from initial inquiry to delivered status!

Ora 3 & Ora Chat

What will be new and what to expect. You don't know that, but we've been slowly migrating from Angular to React. Using both frameworks slowed Ora's development and introduced additional issues we had to solve with each new feature. We'll add a dedicated post to Ora 3 soon, explaining everything in detail. With Ora 3, we removed 95% of Angular. By 3.1, there is going to be no Angular.js at all. And we focused on some performance improvements. Opening a task, creating a task is now blazing fast. Our team had dramatically decreased loading time in multiple places. But that's far from all. We are also introducing Ora chat, a brand new design, and a dozen new features like a new project sidebar, new task modal with the ability to minimize Cards/tasks, to name a few.

Stay tuned for more updates during December!