August update: Task repeat, relationships, duplicate, github import, hotkeys and more!

July 29, 2017

Each month we highlight new features, improvements and bug fixes, well we skipped one month but this is our biggest update so far! Big thanks to everyone who gave us feedback! We love you!❤️

Tons of new Features

Task Relationships – Is one task blocking another, or they are just related? Task relationships allow you create associations between tasks in your project.

Task dependency,task relationship

Identify blockers – Help your team see all blockers at a glance so that they can take the necessary measures.

Task dependency,task relationship

Inside a blocked task, you can see what blocks it and if that task has a due date and an assignee. Other dependency work in a similar fashion.

Blocked task

Recurring tasks – repeat a task each month, each Friday or any other period. A copy of the task will go to the list you point out. All checklist items will be unchecked, history cleared, but whoever was assigned will remain assigned so that he could get busy and do that work that needs to be done again and again.

Recurring tasks

This is where a regular update will end. But not this one! Let's proceed!

Keyboard Support – We added so much keyboard shortcuts you don't need your mouse/touchpad anymore. Be a pro and use hotkeys to do things super fast!
"?" will show you the shortcuts for the current page. Most shortcuts use a two letter combination. Let me show you some examples:
Ora hotkeys, keyboard support! G L - will show you the list. G M - will open my tasks. G E will open reports and so long.

Some sound strange, like D D (due date). Speaking of due date you can do DTM (due tomorrow), DNW (due next week) or D 3(due in 3 days) directly from your task.

S T - will start or stop a timer. P will pause the timer in case you wish to go to... you know where 😅

Space - will assign or unassign you from a task. A S will open the assign popover so that you can assign somebody else and the Konami code will give you infinite lives! Great you are still reading.

Context menu (right-click) – We looked for a good solution to perform actions on tasks quickly without opening them. It turns out your mouse has a second button and for those who don't have a mouse, you can do a two-finger tap on the touchpad to simulate the same result. Our engineers spent countless hours (12) to reinvent the wheel for you, so without further ado, I present to you the right click menu! Simple but it will boost your productivity in the long run. You can add due date, labels, select a task, move it somewhere and more.

Context menu

Duplicate Projects and Cards – Making campaigns or working with clients are one of the few cases that will probably require you do have many projects with more or less the same tasks inside. Now you can just duplicate any existing project and don't start from scratch. Same applies to cards. Like that one that you have with the 3 checklists and 30 steps that need to be complete for each one. Duplicate that card as many times as you'd like.

Duplicate projects and cards

Move Cards to other projects. A simple feature that will allow you to broke a huge project into smaller ones. Keep the backlog separate. Your departments separate. Combined with the List Actions this will allow for some multidimensional projects.

Github Issues Import – Want to import your GitHub issues and organize your project in Ora? Now you can! Import your project, create some new lists, use multiple selection to bring order to your project. Start tracking time on your tasks, use the many features of Ora to get a clear picture of your project and move it forward!

Github Integration - import.

Other Improvements

  • Set/remove attached image as cover
  • Star public projects to show support and add them to your projects screen
  • Safer project and organization deletion
  • Double-click empty "+" circle to assign yourself
  • Faster initial loading
  • Guessing list type from words such as: Done, completed, review, backlog, etc..
  • Minor UI improvements (active state)
  • Lots of other bug fixes and improvements

Thank you for reading this huge update log! Vote Ora on Product Hunt and leave a product review at Capterra