v4.1December 16, 2022

We are excited to announce the release of Ora 4.1, which includes the following updates:

Learn more on our blog post.

Updated agenda: We have completely overhauled the Ora calendar to make it easier for you to schedule tasks and events.

  • Added filters: You can now filter the tasks in your Agenda by any entity to help you focus on the tasks that matter most to you.
  • Jump to task modal: You can now quickly access the task modal by using the J keyboard shortcut.
  • Added multiple select: You can now select multiple tasks in the Agenda to perform actions on them at once.
  • Task grouping: You can now group tasks by different entities to better organize your Agenda.
  • Sorting: You can now sort tasks in the Agenda by different entities

✨ New

  • Time view: You can now view and schedule work by the hour, giving you more control over how you plan your day.
  • Google calendar integration: You can now view and manage your Google Calendar events within Ora, making it easier to keep track of all your commitments in one place.
  • Task colors: You can now assign colors to tasks to help you visually prioritize your work.
  • Drag and drop functionality for multiple tasks at once: You can now drag and drop multiple tasks at once to change their order or move them to a different project.
  • Drag to select multiple tasks: You can now select multiple tasks by clicking and dragging or by using the Shift + click + drag shortcut.
  • Added scheduling option to the multiple select & task right-click.
  • Added starred tasks and "someday" tasks, allowing you to mark important tasks or tasks you want to do in the future.
  • Added an option to disable the password & project name requirement for deleting a project, making it easier to delete projects when needed.
  • Fixed an error that caused the task modal to crash sometimes.
  • Fixed an issue where dragging on the timeline sometimes created an extra day.
  • Fixed a comments sync issue.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Windows users from closing the Archived tasks section.
  • Added task links preview on the board / list view, allowing you to see a preview of linked tasks.
  • We hope these updates make Ora an even more powerful tool for managing your projects. Thank you for choosing Ora!