How COVID-19 Affected Digital Marketing

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December 7, 2021
“There’s never been a better time to be in advertising, and there’s never been a worse time.”
– Aaron Reitkopf

The outbreak of COVID-19 affected almost all the spheres of life, halting, and changing people’s lives and livelihoods. It hit the global economy very strongly, as you would expect. This forces many businesses to close down, and many incurred revenue losses, client loss, profit loss, etc. In the same way, many other companies have benefitted in some ways from this ordeal.

There are primarily two types of experiences for business during the pandemic. One group was overwhelmed with orders (pharmacy, pet supplies, household goods, groceries, etc.), and the other group lacked order or interaction and was forced to close down.

There are many changes that COVID-19 triggered, and one of those is that many businesses switched their operations from offline to online. This also impacted digital marketing and digital marketing strategies.

Before the pandemic began, digital marketing expenditures had been in constant rise over the years, and ordinarily, we would have seen this trend continue if the pandemic didn’t strike. But with the pandemic, we have now seen many businesses cut down on their marketing budget, and this has triggered some changes in digital marketing.

In case you are wondering, what are the changes that COVID-19 triggered in digital marketing? How did COVID-19 affect digital marketing? Here are some of the ways from assignment help showing the impact of COVID-19 on digital marketing.

  1. SEO has become more important
  2. Professionalism is a now key factor in marketing
  3. Low CPC and CPM brings new opportunities
  4. Personalized digital marketing
  5. Expertise sharing might become a digital marketing strategy
  6. Conclusion

SEO has become more important

SEO is one of the most important things to a digital marketer because they understand the importance of visibility. But during the pandemic, the need for a solid SEO strategy became even more apparent, and SEO gained more importance. This is because many offline businesses or businesses that focused more on offline operations and marketing shifted their focus online, with digital marketing being the only means for them to reach people.

With increased competition and an increasing need for online visibility, the role of SEO became more critical. So, it became apparent why online businesses need to have a good SEO strategy.

Professionalism is a now key factor in marketing

One thing that became obvious during the COVID-19 pandemic is that customers are always paying attention to things. Many customers watched the reaction of brands to the crisis, which fueled their purchasing decision. Brands had to become more professional in their approach to marketing. This is why businesses became necessary to put out special offers to their customers, encourage them to fight against the virus, and share relevant information and articles on their websites and other platforms. With the help of video editor online you may design your videos to make them unique and in your brand's style. The customer’s reactions literally put businesses on their toes during the pandemic, and these are now factors that we have to see in brands and their marketing strategy. Otherwise, they won’t appeal to customers and will not be effective in their digital marketing strategy.

Low CPC and CPM brings new opportunities

Although many businesses moved their operations online, it was evident that demand was never going to be the same. We already talked about how some businesses were overwhelmed with others while others lacked. The truth is, only a few businesses in a few industries had ordered. Many other businesses didn’t have demand. So, there are many people online, but there’s really a few competitions. This lack of competition has led to low prices in CPM and CPC. Some companies might be able to take advantage of this to because of the low prices. They might be able to get a new set of customers at a lower, much cheaper rate than before, and this might pay dividends in the long run (maybe after the pandemic).

Personalized digital marketing

There’s an increased emphasis on personalization in digital marketing, and the pandemic caused this. For a digital marketing strategy to now be considered a good or effective effort now, it has to be more personal to the customers. Businesses had to pay closer attention to the customers during the pandemic. Typical questions were: how are you handling the lockdown and isolation?

The marketers also had to know what the customers need and how to communicate with them. This approach assured the customers that the brand cared about them more than just buying their product or paying for their service. This way, the marketers will also reach out to more people and convince them that their brand is what they need.

Expertise sharing might become a digital marketing strategy

When the coronavirus started to spread from one country to another, people became very anxious (which is expected, by the way). This led many people to seek expert advice. With this, we hope that expertise sharing will continue to hold its own, and soon we will start seeing it as a part of the digital marketing campaign.
Businesses that have blogs on their website and produce more content can take advantage of this for a start to share relevant opinions and experience. This will increase their prospects’ trust in them, and it will be easier to choose their business or company over their competition.


The coronavirus pandemic brought some changes in digital marketing strategies and also highlighted the importance of some others. SEO has always been important to digital marketing, but maybe more brands will see the light now. This period has also highlighted the need for brands to be more professional in their approach, while opportunities are starting to pop out from low CPC and CPM.
We expect that digital marketing still remains the best marketing method during this period and beyond. It’s also only a matter of time before we see things go back to normal with digital marketing. As soon as businesses and economies start to recover, we expect that more businesses will be willing to invest more in digital marketing again to make up for the ‘dark’ periods.

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