vMobile 1.3.5September 07, 2023


  • Sharing extension (Share any file easily to a task or channel from other apps.)
  • In-app notifications (will pop up on top of the app and you can click them)


  • Chat/task messages were never sent if you open the app from notification.
  • Update currently selected project each time your internet is lost or you get back to the app
  • Newly sent messages appear with 50% opacity until the server confirms they are saved.
  • In this cases where you open from a push notification, the app did receive an update from the server successfully.
  • Crashing project under some rare surbcumstances
  • Crashing task (due to a new type of activity, which was not handled on mobile)
  • Big audio and video messages for free users were lost without any warning - now we limit the audio recording time and also provide an alert so that the user downloads the video instead of loosing it.