v4.3.0October 21, 2023

✨ New

  • 4 New task states In Progress, Rejected, On Hold and Cancelled
  • Timer view - A new home for your timers. Includes Calendar, Sheet and List of your timers.
  • A new visualisation for task progress in Projects and across the app
  • New look for the project sprint burndown
  • 2FA Badge for users in your organization (see who has acivated 2FA)
  • Negative "not" filter

💎 Improvements

  • Add Time Popover 2.0
  • New Active Timer Look
  • Add an option to change the default behaviour of checklists
  • Improved Projects Picker to sort projects by Organization (in Agenda)
  • New "Updating project" messages and look

🐞 Fixes

  • Fixed video recording not sending if you dismiss the window and then reopen it
  • You can scroll more than what you should be able to in table view
  • Add tasks to sprint does not open the previous view or backlog view
  • Add time shortcut "AT" not working; Annotations shortcut "A" also not working
  • Due date not showing on board
  • Folders in sidebar are missing! Back arrow does not work correctly to go the the root folder.
  • Duplicate list is not working