v3.2.2November 18, 2021


  • The desktop app for macOS is now available for arm64(M1 macs)
  • Press Ctrl/cmd + Enter while creating a task to create & open the task


  • When selecting folder report now all projects(not only the ones you've joined) are calculated
  • Added zoom for images and zoomed image annotation. When annotating press Ctrl + Double click to zoom
  • Insert link in the description now works on the desktop app
  • Insert image in the description now works on the desktop app
  • You can now adjust the play speed and volume of videos
  • Archiving a repeating task asks you if you want to stop the task from repeating


  • Fixed timer live update issues in List View
  • Fixed a bug with task types when created from the New Task Modal
  • Fixed the timer Checkmark button
  • Fixed a bug that caused shared Custom Fields not to display properly
  • Fixed a bug that disabled you to edit active timers
  • Fixed dates in the reports when using different language than English
  • Fixed some issues while creating multiple tasks with Shift + Enter
  • Fixed a bug that caused labels not to display on subtasks