v3.2November 01, 2021

New features

Sidebar with annotations

For a better overview of the Annotations, we've added an annotation sidebar when the attachment is opened.

Importing multiple projects

The import feature of Ora now works for multiple projects at once. It works for CSV and all the import integrations we have.

New task in Agenda/Calendar view

Clicking on any day in the Calendar now allows you to create a new task


  • Added a warning when file upload is in progress and the user tries to quit Ora
  • Sprint modal improvements - added sprint burndown in the modal & other improvements
  • Only the latest 10 task timers are shown by default. Click to expand and see all timers
  • Tasks with a due date are now visible in the Timeline under Milestones
  • In Kanban board labels are now expanded by default
  • Added show/hide completed tasks in Milestone/Sprint modal
  • Dragging tasks from the Backlog in Timeline view under a Milestone now adds the task to the Milestone
  • Added shortcuts for Approving/Rejecting a task - "APR"/"REJ"


  • Total tracked time is now correctly shown for sub-tasks
  • Fixed an issue with live updates when assigning a member, label to card
  • Timeline fixes
    • Converting due date to schedule
    • Moving due date in the timeline
    • When converting schedule to due date add the schedule assignee as task assignee
  • Task timers were not shown for some users
  • Fixed a bug that caused duplicated task activity when reacting on it
  • Observers needed to refresh in order to add labels/checklists to cards they've created
  • Choosing list when creating sub-tasks now works properly
  • Fixed multiple-select task relationships
  • Live update when deleting a milestone in the Timeline
  • Fixed shortcut for play/pause timer