• Webhooks - webhooks are now publically available for everyone
  • Jira import
  • Annotations checklist - a special checklist in the Task Modal that shows all annotations from the task files


  • Dropbox integration improvements
  • Clicking on task history for new annotation now opens the File & Annotation
  • Opening annotation comments from the notifications now open the File & Annotation
  • Projects can now be exported only by project admins
  • Milestones sidebar is now hidden if the Task, time, and comment privacy addon is enabled
  • Email to task - now shows the user who sent the email. If there is no Ora user with such email the name is displayed instead


  • Pasting text from Microsoft Word caused issues with the description
  • Fixed an issue that caused Google Calendar integration to disconnect when logging in
  • Fixed Slack slash commands
  • Live update for checkboxes in the Kanban board
  • Fixed project settings crash for some users
  • Fixed task type counter in the Project Settings > Task Types
  • Fixed a bug that caused tasks created in the Agenda not to be scheduled properly
  • Linking Git repositories now have live update