We are preparing a big update for the mobile app and we're testing everything now. Expect an update for the mobile apps soon! Here are the latest changes to the web version of Ora:


  • You can now use the multiple select to make task relationships
  • Added sprint burndown report for members. You can also filter to see each member's burndown


  • You can now filter tasks by a member in the Milestone/Sprint modal by clicking on their avatar
  • Improved the speed when moving tasks to another project
  • You can now right-click on images/files while using the desktop app
  • Clicking on the task activity for task attachments now opens the attachment and shows the attachment name
  • Added the ability to delete an active timer
  • Ora's webhooks are now available through the API. Previously, you could only access them from the Project Settings > Integrations
  • Added Open Sprint Modal button for finished sprints
  • Clicking on task labels inside the task modal now shows the labels dropdown
  • Added live counter for ongoing calls
  • Sprint reports improvements
  • Added Go to reports button in the Project three-dot menu
  • Sprint modal can now be opened from the Sprints sidebar


  • Fixed an issue that caused closed tasks/cards to appear in the overdue section of the Agenda
  • Fixed wrong task activity when linking tasks as parent/subtask
  • Fixed a bug that didn't show completed story points correctly when switching tasks
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Organization picture not to update properly
  • Fixed New task added webhook
  • Subtasks now display the closed state correctly
  • Fixed a bug that caused tracked time not to show on subtasks
  • Fixed mentions in annotations. Previously you could only mention team members on already created mentions