v3.1 - May, 6 2021May 27, 2024

Ora 3 is now more stable, a lot of bugs have been fixed and we have also introduced new features & UX improvements.

New features


  • We have extracted almost every string in Ora. Everyone of our users can participate in translation Ora in their own languages now. See this link for more information.

Timeline 2.0

  • Time allocation - watch this short video
  • Tasks with due dates are now visible in the Timeline
  • Milestones & Sprints are now visible in the Timeline
  • Added zoom slider

Milestones 2.0

  • Introducing Milestone Modal
    • When you open a Milestone you'll see all milestone tasks & useful information about them
    • Open tasks from the milestone & then go back to the milestone modal
    • Minimize your Milestones and open them anywhere in Ora
    • Pull in tasks & create new tasks that are directly linked to the milestone
  • Milestones sidebar in the project view
    • Open, delete, reorder & create new Milestones directly from the project view
    • Filter Milestones & toggle Open and Closed milestones
    • Right-click on the sidebar items to open More Menu
  • Milestones now have a duration - add start date to milestones while creating them or from the Modal.
  • Visible in the timeline - milestone duration allowed us to add them in the Timeline. You can open, move, and reschedule them directly from the Timeline.
  • Sprints too can be opened as a modal


  • A lot of video call improvements
    • Users without a microphone/camera can now participate in calls too
    • Fixed permission issues with macOS users on the desktop app
    • Improved screen sharing
  • Added task contributors - a break down of the tracked time for each member
  • Greatly reduced the amount of notifications editing task description produced. Now other users are notified about the changes only when you close the task.
  • Added custom fields to Project CSV export
  • Added an option to change the send message shortcut. Access it in the Account Settings > Preferences
  • When you move a task/card to another project the comments are now moved as well
  • Added reset email confirmation button in the Account Settings > Email Aliases
  • Observers are now able to see the Image/Video/PDF annotations
  • Observers custom task visibility improvements
  • Hidden observers emails from Project Members - visible only to admins


  • Fixed reports by folder

  • Fixed a bug that caused the task to switch while previewing images and switching them with keyboard arrowsOnly project/organization admins can export projects now

  • Fixed a bug with description highlights that caused issues

  • Fixed custom emojis

  • Fixed issues with formatted text copied from email and pasted in the task description

  • Fixed a bug that caused sometimes tasks not to load

  • Live update for task states in Chat Discussions

  • Fixed a bug that caused you to see tasks from future sprints in your current sprint