Bugfixes & Improvements

• Sprint duration not working ==fixed== • Description Improvements • Different color notification on blue theme • Switching from project with List View to project with Kanban View resulted in no switch in the view ==fixed== • delete folder not working ==fixed== • Description new line lost with inline code block ==fixed== • Converting user with identity with ora but no account results in white screen ==fixed== • Many Onboarding improvements • Observers now update correctly in the Members tab, project screen • Shared with me now showing after login • checklists disappearing ==fixed== • Improve the observers onboarding experience • Clicking on desktop notifications on Windows & Ubuntu doesn't open the app ==fixed== • If you invite an observer he will be now directed to your project skipping the user info part • Double pdf annotation • new comments don't go in slack ==fixed== • Links to Ora in tasks doesn't work anymore ==fixed== • Admins can't edit the tracked time of other members ==fixed== • No message for locked organization/project ==fixed== • Converted users don't see the new Onboarding ==fixed== • google login from mobile apps not working ==fixed== • Leaving channel no live update ==fixed== • Description no live update ==fixed== • If there is an image in ora message no message is produced in Slack ==fixed== • You can't create tasks in the Agenda ==fixed== • slack integration shows a blank screen ==fixed== • Hide review task approve/reject buttons for observers • Annotation resolve live update • Top navigation missing after you open a task while in list view