• Checkbox addon > added the checkbox for Task Modal
  • Added dark mode for "Add Feedback" button on image/video/pdf preview
  • Added success notification when adding/updating recurring tasks
  • Clicking on chat notification when in another organization now correctly opens the chat
  • Switch task with left & right arrows
  • Added emoji support for checklists
  • Task template shortcuts improvement
    • Load task template - "t t" or "l t t"
    • Save as template - "s a t"
  • Opening links in the desktop app now opens it in your default browser
  • Added online status for Channel > Members tab
  • Add keyboard shortcut for move task to top/bottom
  • Added scroll bar for Project > Members Tab
  • When switching tasks with arrows and you switch to another list, highliight list name


  • Thematic break shortcut in description now working
  • Can't mention in discussions
  • Wrong attachment time (hover) in messages