Timeline Improvements

  • Due dates support
  • Convert due date to schedule
  • Convert schedule to due date
  • Display the text of super small items
  • Add collision to the text of super small items so that it displaces other items
  • Visual improvements

==Note==: We'll continue adding more improvements to the timeline in upcoming updates


  • Mute channel now working properly
  • Public members who commented or created the task can now be mentioned
  • Matching members when importing a project now works correctly
  • Hide all comments from Addons > Task, time, and comment privacy now working
  • Fixed scheduling API call
  • Global search used to show the results twice when you click show more
  • Projects now updated correctly when you open Ora
  • Tasks can now be opened from the global search
  • Optimized the speed of some server requests
  • Attachments from comments can now be removed
  • Task names in discussions are now updated properly
  • Duplicating a task showed the wrong icon for "recurring" task
  • Opening link from description crashes next opened task
  • Zapier now showing projects properly
  • Zapier checklists now working as expected
  • Emoji picker in annotation not showing
  • In some rare cases, recurring tasks were duplicated