• Login from Zendesk to Ora is now working
  • Project selector in the Agenda was missing for some users
  • Link description was sometimes overflowing if too many characters
  • Notifications were sometimes truncated improperly
  • Fixed an issue that caused some weird visual effects when editing a long comment
  • Some links redirected to Ora. They now direct to the correct link
  • Underscores in comments/messages were depricated
  • We have re-written the comments/messages and fixed a lot of the bugs there
  • Fixed warning message in the Agenda when you're creating a task in a project taht's not selected
  • Observers were able to completed checklist items in tasks they have not created
  • Task estimated time is now properly hidden from observers when this is enabled from the addons
  • HOTFIX: Non-registered members were not able to open tasks