Ora 3 is now live :bangbang: :tada: :rocket:


Ora chat

  • Channels - group your conversations by channels and invite your team members
  • Discussions - this is what makes our chat unique. Discussions are linked to your projects. Each task with a comment is automatically converted to a Discussion thread. Never lose messages in long conversations, keep things organized and clean.
  • Direct Messages - talk one-on-one with your team members, create groups, and just have fun!
  • Calls, Video & Screen Sharing - have group meetings with your team, share your screen and express yourself


  • Annotate Image, PDF & Video files to better communicate with your team

New task modal

  • Task opening is now faster
  • Open task as a modal
  • Open task as a sidebar
  • Task split view - your comments & task activity go to the right
  • Minimize tasks and open them anywhere in Ora

Task description 2.0

We have fully revamped the task description and dedicated a lot of time to make it powerful. The description now supports rich text editor with shortcuts and more. Try it out and share your feedback with us at

Project sidebar 2.0

  • More user friendly & powerful

New archived tasks view

Many improvements here you can now select all and delete or restore them at once