A Simple and Effective Way to Manage Your Work

Are you looking for a straightforward and effective way to manage your projects and keep track of progress? If so, you'll want to check out the "Simple Pipeline" project management template.

What is the "Simple Pipeline" Template?

The "Simple Pipeline" template is a pre-made project you can duplicate and use as a starting point for your projects. The template features a simple board where you can move work items from the left (Todo) to the right (Done). The board is divided into three lists: Todo, Review, and Done.

Why Use the "Simple Pipeline" Template?

There are several benefits to using the "Simple Pipeline" template:

  • Visualize Progress: With the board view, you can easily see the progress of your work items as they move from left to right.
  • Streamline Workflow: The template's simple design helps you stay focused on completing tasks and avoids clutter that can slow down your workflow.
  • Easy to Use: The template's straightforward layout is easy to understand and use, even for those new to project management.


While the "Simple Pipeline" template is a perfect place to start for your project management needs, you may also want to customize it to fit your team's workflow. Here are some ways you can customize the template:

  • Add Lists: Depending on the needs of your project, you may want to add additional lists to the board, such as a "Blocked" or "In Progress" list.
  • Add-ons: Ora.pm offers several add-ons that can enhance the functionality of the "Simple Pipeline" template, such as a Time Tracking add-on or a Calendar View add-on.
  • Custom Fields: You can add custom fields to the board to include additional information about each work item, such as priority, due date, or assigned team member.


The "Simple Pipeline" project management template on Ora.pm is a great starting point for managing your projects and keeping track of progress. Its simple and intuitive design allows you to focus on completing tasks, while the board view helps you visualize progress. Additionally, customization options allow you to tailor the template to your team's specific workflow. Try it out and see how it can benefit your team today!