Streamline Your Product Management Process with the "Product Development" Template

If you're managing a product development team or working on a project with multiple stages, you need a tool that can help you stay organized and on track. The "Product Development" template on Ora offers a comprehensive solution for managing the entire product development process, from planning to launch.

Lists and Features

The "Product Development" template consists of several lists, each representing a stage in the product development process:

  • Backlog: Collect and prioritize new ideas and tasks.
  • To-do: Tasks that are ready to be worked on.
  • In Progress: Tasks that are being actively worked on.
  • QA: Tasks that have been completed and are ready for testing and quality assurance.
  • Done: Tasks that have been completed and are ready for deployment. These lists are customizable and can be reordered, renamed, or edited to fit your team's needs. In addition to the basic lists, the "Product Development" template on Ora offers several features that can help you manage your project more effectively:
  • List view: A simple, streamlined view of all your tasks, grouped by list and ordered by priority.
  • Kanban view: A visual representation of your tasks in a Kanban board format, with customizable columns and drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Visible task IDs: Each task in the "Product Development" template is assigned a unique task ID, which makes it easy to reference and track tasks throughout the development process.
  • Task relationships: You can link tasks together in the "Product Development" template to create dependencies and track progress more effectively.
  • Milestones: You can set milestones in the "Product Development" template to mark important dates in the development process, such as launch dates or feature releases.
  • Task types: You can categorize tasks in the "Product Development" template by type, such as "bug fix", "feature request", or "technical task", to help you prioritize and manage tasks more effectively.


One of the great things about the "Product Development" template on Ora is that it's fully customizable. You can add your own stages to the process to fit your team's unique workflow. For example, if your team includes a design stage, you can add a new list to the template called "Design". This list can be used to track design tasks, such as wireframing, prototyping, and UI design. By adding this list, you can ensure that design tasks are properly tracked and integrated into the overall product development process.



With the Product Development template, you can streamline your development process and keep everyone on the same page. But what about integrations that can make your workflow even smoother? Consider integrating Ora with Slack and Git to further optimize your team's productivity.

Slack is an excellent tool for keeping everyone in the loop. By integrating Ora with Slack, you can get real-time updates about changes made to your project. You can choose which notifications you receive and set up alerts for important events like a task being moved to a different stage or a new milestone being added. This integration can help you stay on top of your project without having to constantly check the Ora platform.

Another integration to consider is Git integration. With this integration, you can reference Ora tasks in your Git commits and pull requests. This can help you track changes and associate them with specific tasks in your project. Plus, when you close a task in Ora, the corresponding Git commit will automatically be marked as resolved. This integration can help your team work more efficiently and stay organized.