Issue Tracker Template

The "Issue Tracker" template is a simple yet powerful tool for tracking bugs and other issues in a list view. With visible ticket IDs and customizable task types, you can easily keep track of the status of each issue and ensure nothing falls through the cracks.


The "Issue Tracker" template includes two main lists: "Open" and "Closed". You can move tasks between these lists as needed to track the status of each issue.


The "Issue Tracker" template includes the following features:

  • List View: View your issues in a simple list format that makes it easy to see the status of each issue at a glance.
  • Visible Task IDs: Each issue is assigned a unique ID that is visible in the list view, making it easy to reference and track.
  • Task Types: Customize the types of issues you track by creating your own task types. This can help you categorize and prioritize issues based on their severity or complexity.


Here are some tips for getting the most out of the "Issue Tracker" template:

  • Add a Prefix to Your Issue IDs: To help differentiate your issue tracker IDs from other task IDs, consider adding a prefix such as "ISSUE-".
  • Create Task Templates: Create task templates for different kinds of issues to save time and ensure consistency in how issues are reported and tracked.
  • Use Custom Fields: If your issues require additional information beyond the default task fields, use custom fields to add the necessary information.
  • Use List Actions: Create automation in your "Issue Tracker" by using list actions, such as automatically assigning tasks to team members based on task type or priority.
  • Create new lists: Adding a "Pending" list can help you keep track of issues that are waiting for further action or clarification before they can be moved to the "Open" list. This can also help prevent important issues from being forgotten or overlooked.