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Plan faster. Ship faster.

Optimize the way you plan so you have clearer requirements, shorter meetings, and happier developer team.

Execute perfect sprints.

Give your team the clarity of sprint planning, milestones, stories, epics and your goals and deadlines.

Track time. Save time.

Track time effortlessly so you know where you spend it, optimize it, and focus only on what’s important.

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How teams use Ora for Product development

Sprint Management

Plan sprints, groom your backlog, estimate story points, create epics and track your teams progress in real time with sprint burndown and other live widgets

Product launches

Launch new products and updates with ease by keeping all teams on the same page with all tasks and deadlines. Team workload and timeline will help you plan better. Checklist templates will help you copy long list of steps that need to get done before the big launch.

Collect User Feedback

Collect and centralize user feedback so you can make better decisions, iterate faster and keep your entire team up to date with user request trends.

Bug Tracking

File and track bugs so you can prioritize and everyone is knowing who is fixing what and by when. Immediately code review the fixes which show in the tasks thanks to GIT task referencing.

Product Roadmaps

Plan your product roadmap. Share it with your engineers or even your users by making it public, so everyone knows the direction you are headed.

Incoming Requests

Streamline and standardize work requests by keeping them in a central place. Easily create tasks from chat message and prioritize requests to help your team build products faster.

Built for software engineers.

Collaborate on code with all the tools your software team needs for agile development.
In one place - GIT, Time-Tracking, Chat, and more...

Close tasks with commit

Link a task to a commit or reference the task id from commit mesasge

Done with landing! Fix #OR134, Close #MRK42

Track time with commit message

SSO Integration #BKG342 +2h

Or just add a reference

Status screens progress #OR552

Close tasks with commit+30m3/52

Immediately see new commits and diff

Track new commits across different branches in the commits sidebar. See the diff and changes directly in Ora without ever switching the app.

Self-hosted Gitlab support

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Markdown & Code highlight

Work the way you are used to! Share snippets, discuss code and write it in Ora so that you can communicate something code related in the best possible way inside a task or in Ora Chat. Full markdown support in task description and markdown stripped of headings support in comments and chat messages.

New Messages· 11:41 AMClara Clarkson· 11:42 AMAmy Farafaller@amy Try it like that ```typescriptSweet, it works!1

List action automations

Setup list action automations to Move, Assign, Label, change the State of the Task, and more without a single mouse click.

Website wireframeDoneNew taskIForthenMovedCreatedDesign SystemCreateMove to Project XStart TimerAdd LabelImportantRemove LabelAssign toandLow PriorityRemove Due Date

Better bug reports with Image and Video annotations

Image, PDF and Video commenting right inside the task.

Record a video or your screen directly from Ora.

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The most intuitive UX

What our customers are saying

“Ora - The best project management software i have seen”

This is hands down the best project management software i own.. It is intuitive, and there are alot of pro features to help organise your projects and keep things moving along nicely.

Solar Bear Design

Paul H.

Lead Web Designer

“Better than Jira or Trello, I think the best tool to implement Scrum in your company”

We tried all the project management tools and we chose Ora without hesitation! Easy to use - Lots of features - beautiful interface - good support - Ora client for OSX and Windows.

Groupe Santiane

Pierre A.

Coach Agile & Devops

“Best Kanaban Board tested”

Very intuitive and awesome tool. Greate UX from the first day of use! Easy to use, great UX, excellent for our development project scenarios, bitbucket connection, time tracking included.

Eye-T S.à r.l

Kai K.

Software Developer

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done right.

The most intuitive Scrum and Kanban solution in the industry. Build-in Epics, Sprints, Story points and Reports.

Create multiple views (as many as you like) or start with any of our predefined agile project templates for Scrum, Kanban, or Scrumban.

Spend less time switching context

We are leaving in the age of distraction. We still use email, then a project management app, a chat app, a time tracking app, even one for annotations. All of these and more are constantly fighting for our attention and then we have very little time left for the things that matter.

For teams like yours Ora replaces:





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