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The best tasks management for freelancers and small freelance teams. Track and manage your time. Add teammates or clients to any project. Make tasks and log time on each one. See detail reports about members, tasks and project time.


Stay on top of things with member, project and organization reports. See detail insights on how a team or project is performing. See how many new tasks were created vs how many tasks were closed. See exactly how much time was spent on a project or task.

Chat & @Mentions

Chat built from the ground up to be seamlessly integrated with your task management. Create tasks directly from the chat messages.
Ora Chat is the best place for your team communication.
@Mention everyone in the chat or as a comment in a card to get their attention.

Time Tracking

Get your team to track time on each task. Identify bottleneck tasks that slow down your team early. Be notified and take action to fix those issues. See how much each member is contributing to the project. Compare estimated time with the actual tracked time. Know how much future tasks would take by checking previous task history. On the budget? Time tracking will tell you exactly how much you’ve spent on the project so far.

Invoices and billable hours

Have internal and external cost per hour and easily make and send invoices to your clients. Coming soon…

Third-party task apps

We are well aware that you might be working on several projects each one on a different system with different clients or teams. Ora allows you to sync with these systems and see all of your tasks in one place. A task done in Ora will automatically sync to the other apps. And you don’t have to open them ever again. Just focus on getting stuff done.

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