Design is intelligence made visible.

The Design Team

Design is also a craft. A good craftsman know they can rely on their tools to do the job! Ora is full of solutions and ways to improve your design workflow and get stuff done. Do more with less time and effort

Use Kanban

Depending on the size of the project you can create different pipelines for your project. Backlog - Sprint Backlog - In Progress - In Client Review - To Prepare for Handoff - In Development - Shipped

Estimate project time

Break your project in small tasks and add a time estimate to each one. Then you can easily see the estimates for a list of tasks. Helpful for price forming and also to know how soon you can take another project, also how much work is left on that one.

Time Tracking

Get your team to track time on each task. Identify bottleneck tasks that slow down your team early. Be notified and take action to fix those issues. See how much each member is contributing to the project. Compare estimated time with the actual tracked time. Know how much future tasks would take by checking previous task history. On the budget? Time tracking will tell you exactly how much you’ve spent on the project so far.

Collaborating with clients

Create a list “For client review” move a task there and the client will be assigned to the task and notified immediately via the app or email letting them either accept the task as done or return it with some comments.

Third-party task apps

We are well aware that you might be working on several projects each one on a different system with different clients or teams. Ora allows you to sync with these systems and see all of your tasks in one place. A task done in Ora will automatically sync to the other apps. And you don’t have to open them ever again. Just focus on getting stuff done.

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