Agile Teams

Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.

Enable continuous delivery and execute your sprints faster with Ora's Agile project management software.

Ora is the easiest way for Agile teams to...

Deliver excellence continuously

Ensure growth and improve team focus by adopting the iterative approach to work. Deliver work frequently in small batches.

Adapt to change with ease

Lead your agile team to success no matter what work is coming your way - expected or not.

Unify team communication

Ensure your team is on the same page and always has the full context available when communicating.

How Agile teams use Ora

Agile project management

Juggle multiple agile projects and track their progress with Ora's Reports.

Sprint Planning

Split projects into small batches called sprints so that your team can handle work in small chunks and deliver better results faster.

Kanban projects

Take a visual approach to project management ensuring everyone is on the same page and is seeing the next phase.

We exist to improve the way you work

How we empower Agile teams...

Collaborate with everyone in one place.

Align your goals, invite clients and stakeholders and collaborate together on tasks to achieve the ultimate strategy execution. Move tasks though phases from start to finish. Upload assets, comment on images and videos and create additional chat channels for your marketing team where needed.


Visualize your marketing campaigns

Map your plans with Timeline. Draw dependencies between tasks and choose to see multiple projects at the same time to follow up multiple campaigns at the same time.


Balance workloads & eliminate burnout

On the timeline grouped by team member you can see how much each member has on it’s plate and plan accordingly.

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Fully integrated Agile tools

The most intuitive Scrum and Kanban solution in the industry. Build-in Epics, Sprints, Story points and Reports.

Create multiple views (as many as you like) or start with any of our predefined agile project templates for Scrum, Kanban, or Scrumban.

Make The Switch in seconds.

Transitioning to Ora is as easy as 1,2,3!
Projects are imported with assignees, labels,
milestones, sprints, and everything you’d expect.

1. Choose a vendor

2. Choose a project

3. Match & Invite your team

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The most intuitive UX

What our customers are saying

“Ora - The best project management software i have seen”

This is hands down the best project management software i own.. It is intuitive, and there are alot of pro features to help organise your projects and keep things moving along nicely.

Solar Bear Design

Paul H.

Lead Web Designer

“Better than Jira or Trello, I think the best tool to implement Scrum in your company”

We tried all the project management tools and we chose Ora without hesitation! Easy to use - Lots of features - beautiful interface - good support - Ora client for OSX and Windows.

Groupe Santiane

Pierre A.

Coach Agile & Devops

“Best Kanaban Board tested”

Very intuitive and awesome tool. Greate UX from the first day of use! Easy to use, great UX, excellent for our development project scenarios, bitbucket connection, time tracking included.

Eye-T S.à r.l

Kai K.

Software Developer

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Spend less time switching context

We are leaving in the age of distraction. We still use email, then a project management app, a chat app, a time tracking app, even one for annotations. All of these and more are constantly fighting for our attention and then we have very little time left for the things that matter.

For teams like yours Ora replaces:





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