How marketing
teams use Ora

Start from a template, super fast. Or create your own workflow.

  • Campaign management

    Manage hundreds of campaigns from start to finish easily with Ora.

  • Go-to-market strategy

    Launching a new product or expanding into a new market is not a small task. Ora can help you bring order to the chaos.

  • Marketing operations

    Oversee your entire organization's marketing program, campaign planning and annual strategic planning activities.

  • Content creation & Delivery

    Plan your content, create a new workflow, and track items from the first draft to publishing.

  • Incoming Requests

    Streamline and standardize work requests by keeping them in a central place. Easily create tasks from chat message and prioritize requests to help your team build products faster.

  • Event Management

    Plan and execute successful events from start to finish. Break your event plan down into stages, assign due dates to tasks, and track progress on the Timeline.

project management

Collaborate with
everyone in one place.

Align your goals, invite clients and stakeholders and collaborate together on tasks to achieve the ultimate strategy execution. Move tasks though phases from start to finish. Upload assets, comment on images and videos and create additional chat channels for your marketing team where needed.


Visualize your
marketing campaigns

Map your plans with Timeline. Draw dependencies between tasks and choose to see multiple projects at the same time to follow up multiple campaigns at the same time.


Balance workloads &
eliminate burnout

On the timeline grouped by team member you can see how much each member has on it’s plate and plan accordingly.


Give feedback faster
with proofreading

Comment on top of PDF, Video and Image attachments to create actionable checklist items for the assignee of the task. No more guessing! Annotations help you tell exactly what you mean by pointing directly to a specific area at the attachment.


Give feedback faster
with proofreading

Agenda is the unique place where you can see multiple projects and multiple people 's tasks mapped by due date or schedule date so that you can focus on what’s next.


communication with

Ora’s unique discussion channels are a way for you to always stay on top of all comments inside tasks from the campaign project.