Zendesk + Ora

Link Your Tickets to Tasks

Stay on top of your inbox by quickly linking, creating, and jumping between tasks in Ora and tickets in Zendesk!

Zendesk and Ora work perfectly together

Here is what you can do with the Zendesk integration and Ora for Zendesk

Create / Link tasks from Zendesk

Quickly add ticket information into your Ora tasks, assign members, and set due dates all within Zendesk.

Link tickets from Ora

Quickly search for a zendesk ticket and link it to a task without ever leaving Ora.

Always up to date

Know what is going on. Get live status updates and count the number of tickets connected to one card. You will see a number next to the zendesk on each card in a the board view.

What's Ora?

All-in-one PM solution

Imagine your team’s command center with everything you need to run your business, product, or service. Agile. Easy-to-use. Your productivity Swiss Army knife.

Create different types of projects to organize everything in folders, projects, with powerful add-ons like Epics, Task Relationships, Recurring Tasks, List Actions and more.

The most intuitive Scrum and Kanban solution in the industry. Build-in Epics, Sprints, Story points, and Reports.

Chat with your team and clients directly from Ora. Ora Chat is a compleate chat solution with channels, DMs, Video Calls, Video and Voice Messages, GIFs, Emojis, and something unique - Discussion Channels which make keeping up with tasks comments a lot easier.

All tasks from different projects sorted by due date, plan, and focus on what’s due. The agenda filters will allow you to specify projects, team members, and task states you see.

Create a long-term plan, assign your team to tasks and see who is free and who has too much on her/his plate.

Estimate tasks and track time on tasks. Overtime detection, notes on timers.

See how much time your team spent on a task, project, label. + how many tasks/cards are you creating vs. closing.

Send messages, add attachments, @mention your team, clients or public members and always be up to date with the latest project changes.

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