Our Story

Long ago, and far away in a small European country known as Bulgaria our co-founders ran a small software developing agency. They build solutions for clients as well as in-house projects. To help the dev team work on both, they looked for software but could not find the right one. So one day they decided to build it. And so they did.

“This is Great!” they thought about it and decided to release it to the entire world by the name Ora

“Ora” - means “hour” or “time”. From Latin hōra‎ ("hour"), from Ancient Greek ὥρα‎ ("hour").

The idea behind this word is we want you to pay attention to time and save time. The most precious resource.


Vasil Enchev, Co-founder and visionary

Our Mission

The world is changing and we believe it is for the good. We want to help make the world a better place by helping your team be more productive. We believe change is a group effort that comes from teams of all sizes. We strive for Ora to be this one place where you go to set your goals and then to achieve them with your team no matter what they are.

Our contribution in all of this is to provide you with the next-gen solutions for you to communicate your vision, set your goals, and then take all the steps towards achieving them. To be agile. To make communication with your team or clients effortless and pleasurable. To give you full transparency over your business and team productivity so that you always know where you are heading.

Our mission is your success.

Core Values

1. Be good and help others. The world isn’t fair, some are born with more than others. Always give a helping hand when you can.

2. Be sustainable. While writing software isn’t something that can ever have a negative impact on the ecosystem we think about sustainability. We encourage recycling and being aware of your own impact on the world.

3. Be part of the solution, not the problem.

4. Don't wait for something to happen. Take action.

5. Be agile. Build it fast. Iterate. React to change.

Nikolay Yanev, Co-founder and CEO

Nikolay Mihaylov, Co-founder and CTO

6. Good design is everything. All the money and features in the world won’t fix bad UX.

7. Don’t be average. Be exceptional.

8. Grow each day. Learn new things and improve.

9. Set big and ambitious goals. Do small steps each day to get there.

10. Work hard. Play hard. Always remember to have fun while doing what you love.

11. Find your balance. A good life is a life well balanced between work, family, friends, and exercise. Balance isn 't something you achieve "someday ".

Our Progress

It’s amazing to look at what we’ve achieved during the past few years but the best is yet to come.

Ora timeline, our progress so far