How to magnify your creative appetite?

June 21, 2017

Do you feel bored, ordinary and just like everybody else? Do you think that being creative means to draw in an outstanding manner, to sing in a breath taking manner or to be able to inspire the whole world in just 18 minutes TED talk?

I know what you are thinking right now…I am not able to do any of those extraordinary things and I won’t be able to in the future for sure. And maybe you are right. But for sure there is a unique type of creativity rooted deep in you. That makes you not automatically, but preferably able to explore that part of you and provide it with an active voice.

Each person is creative in a different way. Some folks become wizards in the kitchen, they are not cooking – they are making magic. And yes they are not professional chefs, they got other professions. But what makes them so extraordinary at cooking is passion. The passion to express your creativity, the curiosity to learn and try new approaches combined with the desire to give voice to their inner creativity is what creates their MAGIC.


Magic is not just for kids

It’s for the ones who believe in more, better and possible rather than the people who feel boxed in. Each moment is a new life, a possibility for a new choice, a breath away from the life you always wanted. However, we feel so stressed out by work, the impression we leave, the way we feel or just unable to make a new choice. Luckily every breath you take is a possibility for a new beginning.

If you decide to make a move right after reading this article and make a new choice with your next breath, be careful! Why? Because I am unleashing the secret towards being creative and being YOU. It is so simple, you would be amazed. Are you ready to change your game and level up? If you think you are great enough to want more, you deserve it and you are ready for it, just apply the strategy I am going to share with you.

Stop judging

once and for all. You cease your natural, creative energy that is always part of you when you judge. Here I am not talking only about judging people that are weird, stupid, annoying or boring. Situations that are not what you expect, want or crave for are not to be judged as well. Who we judge the most? Ourselves for sure, for not being smart, confident, pretty, funny or good enough? Why we do it, to feel miserable and beneath someone else or to reflect the stress in our lives.


Acceptance is the path towards your creative self. That is a long journey so you better learn patience and persistence. Acceptance towards yourself with your limits and weaknesses is not easy, but it is possible. Acceptance towards the situations and people in your world however they act or whatever they say. If you think that is not possible, I’ll prove you wrong. It is achievable and you can do it for yourself and your creative appetite that longs to be expressed.

If you dare to live authentic, be creative and own yourself, if this article provoked you? Say "Hi!" I am leaving you with my favorite three TED talks, here, here and here!


Lora Tsankova is a Life Strategist and Business Coach. She helps clients make their impossible dreams a reality!