Project Management for Slack

Slack + Ora

Organize your team work using tasks, lists, kanban, time tracking and connect all that to a Slack channel. The Ora and Slack integration is the easiest way to monitor kanban or scrum projects and make your team more agile.

Post Ora updates to a Slack channel

Ora allows you to stay on top of the progress of any project by sending updates to Slack channels when activity occurs on Ora tasks and projects.

Connect Slack with Ora

  1. Register for both Slack and Ora accounts.
  2. Open “Project Settings > Features” of the project you wish to connect to Slack and choose “Connect”
  3. Receive updates in Slack when a card is created, moved, commented upon, when time or attachment is added to the card.

What's Ora?

All-in-one PM solution

Imagine your team’s command center with everything you need to run your business, product, or service. Agile. Easy-to-use. Your productivity Swiss Army knife.

Create different types of projects to organize everything in folders, projects, with powerful add-ons like Epics, Task Relationships, Recurring Tasks, List Actions and more.

Are you ready to run your Team's Command Center?

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